It is very important to choose a good outdoor advertising inkjet cloth!

2022-10-11 16:58:55 MetInfo 6

  I believe that the real estate industry should be no stranger to inkjet cloth. Whether indoors or outdoors, this medium is often used, such as light box pieces, external enclosures, display boards and so on. But in how to choose, we tend to be a little vague, mostly heard in the clouds. Today Xiaobian will give you a simple review of the advantages and uses of several common inkjet cloth.

  Inkjet cloth, also known as light box cloth, is composed of PC material and network light guide fiber combination, with good flexibility, uniform light transmission, easy to split, splicing, shipping, indoor and outdoor installation is simple, especially suitable for color inkjet. The printing cloth has the characteristics of waterproof, mildew resistance, flame retardant, cold and heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance and so on. According to different attributes, there are more classifications of inkjet cloth. If in accordance with the transmittance and light source position, can be divided into after lighting, lighting before the light box cloth and grid cloth three.

  After lighting light box cloth is used for the production of light source after the light box, its transmittance is generally between 25-35%. This kind of light box cloth is medium and small, mostly used to make roadside light boxes, or indoor isolation channels. In the indoor more closed environment, the effect of this light box is quite good.

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  The front light box cloth is used to make the front light source light box, its light transmittance is generally between 5-10%. This kind of light box cloth due to stronger resistance to typhoon, so it is used to make large outdoor light boxes, such as building billboards, highway roadside light boxes, urban Optimus light boxes, the current 100 square meters -400 square meters between the large outdoor light box is mostly used in this kind of light cloth.

  Grid cloth is according to the design of the typhoon climate region, because this kind of material surface lined up with dense mesh, can make the wind through the light cloth surface, so it can reduce the pressure of the typhoon on light boxes, make the images to more long-term outdoor use effect, due to the characteristics of grid cloth used to make more large signs advertising and architecture.

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  How to choose inkjet cloth, according to the use time of the cloth demand, the specific choice will be combined with the requirements and budget of the project, choose suitable for yourself, rather than mandatory requirements to be good.