What is the material used to print the bus stop light box advertisement?

2022-10-11 16:51:20 MetInfo 8

  General bus shelter light box advertising is printing cloth, photo cloth, light box piece three, quality and price is from low to high, you can choose materials according to need.

  Inkjet cloth, commonly known as light box cloth, is a kind of PVC as raw materials through a certain production process, mainly used for outdoor advertising inkjet production of a kind of inkjet material.

  Photo cloth is a kind of more traditional cloth materials, because its price is relatively low, the production cost and PP material and cold mounting film cost is comparable, and can save a series of film process, now in many fields have used photo cloth instead of traditional supplies to make hanging picture or background picture.

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  The light box piece is mainly used to make advertising light boxes. The light box piece is divided into two categories, one is transparent, called full penetration, one is translucent, called half penetration, also called too white. Full light box piece, only in the light of the light, will appear colorful, and no light irradiation, it will appear dark. Semi-transparent light box film is not, no light irradiation will also show the effect of color photos, and by light irradiation, will appear more gorgeous.