Beijing HongJI Printing Development Co., Ltd. is located in the core position of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, with independent property rights set graphic design traditional printing, high-definition art reproduction, high-precision photo printing as one of the large-scale integrated production enterprises. At present, our company has 6 sets of Japanese original high-precision Epson S80680 outdoor photo machine and 3 sets of large-format high-precision digital printing machine Durst Rho P10 320R; Muto VJ-1638 outdoor photo machine 10, HP D5800 photo machine 20, can produce high-definition artwork reproduction, all kinds of body stickers, outdoor car stickers, high-light photo paper, light box pieces, photo cloth, treasure cloth and other materials of large-scale printing. At the same time, our company currently has the German original imported folio CD102 offset printing machine and Heidelberg sm-74-5L five-color uv printing machine.

Companies both in hardware and software facilities to achieve a good level at home and abroad, using the EPR printing management system, set up information integration platform, support enterprise digital transition process, not only can let us from the aspects of storage, production, and data query, and improve work efficiency to reduce costs, assist the management in the corresponding management and decision analysis. Since its establishment, through the cooperation with Air China, Oriental Fashion, Caihong Automobile, Yili Group, Mengniu Group, China Mobile, Agile Real Estate, Wanda Real Estate and other companies, the company has formed a complete operation mechanism from production order, production, quality inspection, packaging and distribution, and cultivated an efficient and fast team.